These are ready to plug and play type of modules used in real time interfacing. These boards are very usefull in testing and making design projects.

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ISD1760 Voice Recording & Playback Module
Specifications: Onboard ISD1760 chip. Onboard microphone, can do direct recording. 75 ..
Rs 660.00 Rs 630.00
ISD1820 - Voice Recorder/ Playback Module
Key FeaturesMain chip: ISD1820 Working voltage: 3 ~ 5V DC Size: 50mm * 40mm * 15mm Main f..
Rs 480.00 Rs 455.00
LCD Breakout Board(I2C Proto)
   This is another great blue backlight LCD display. As the pin resources of Arduin..
Rs 315.00 Rs 300.00
LCD Breakout Board-4bit
Description    This  LCD breakout board is usefull to interface with any kind of..
Rs 90.00 Rs 60.00
LCD Breakout Board-8bit
         Almost 50% of the interfacing and troubleshooting..
Rs 90.00 Rs 70.00
DTMF Decoder  Breakout Board
   DTMF Decoder Decodes DTMF audio signal to 4 bit binary TTL level output with LED in..
Rs 220.00 Rs 170.00
ULN2803 Driver Board
   ULN2803 based motor driver to control high voltage devices. Easy to use, cheap and hi..
Rs 190.00 Rs 150.00
L293 Motor Driver
            L293 Motor driver is a  ..
Rs 110.00 Rs 90.00
L298 Motor Driver
            L298 Motor driver is a  si..
Rs 294.00 Rs 280.00
RS232 to TTL
         RS232 to TTL converter is used mainly to interc..
Rs 120.00 Rs 90.00
RS232 to USB Converter
                The USB to R..
Rs 231.00 Rs 220.00
1 Ch Relay Boards-6V
         One channel relay board used in isolation circu..
Rs 120.00 Rs 95.00
1 Channel Relay Boards-12V
         One channel relay board used in isolation circuit..
Rs 120.00 Rs 90.00
2 Ch Relay Board-12v
          Any two Appliances can be controlled indepe..
Rs 180.00 Rs 160.00
4 Ch Relay Board-12V
        Any Four Appliance can be controlled independently with..
Rs 270.00
RF Encoder
           RF encoder is a serial encoder used i..
Rs 368.00
RF Decoder
   This is a 4 bit wireless module. Use it to transmit  4 bits of wireless data t..
Rs 368.00 Rs 350.00
4x1 Hex Keypad
             4x1 keypad has 4 keys in ..
Rs 80.00
Hex Key Pad
         Hex key pad or matrix key is a way framing the input..
Rs 95.00 Rs 90.00
4x4 Matrix Keypad
            Hex key pad or matrix key is a ..
Rs 90.00
Membrane keypad
     MEMBRANE KEYPAD 4X4 ROWS AND COLUMN Relay Mate Connecter for Inp..
Rs 220.00 Rs 210.00
         The RTC & EEPROM boards helpful to connect th..
Rs 90.00
5V Regulated Power Supply
           A general purpose power regulator a..
Rs 105.00 Rs 100.00
12V Regulated Power Supply
          A general purpose power regulator and sup..
Rs 105.00 Rs 100.00
24V AC Adapter
Description INPUT :100~240V-1.5A(MAX) 50/60HZ Output:24V-5A MAX.Power:55W   ..
Rs 950.00
DC Adapter-12V Power Supply
            DC power supply boards are mo..
Rs 158.00 Rs 150.00
DC Adapter-5V 1AMP Power supply
           DC power supply boards are most used in all embedded syst..
Rs 150.00
Regulated DC Power Supply
It is a 0-30V Dc power supply of 0-2A current sourcing capacity The sevensegment LED display is..
Rs 2,950.00
9V Battery
              These batteries are c..
Rs 15.00
2xAA Battery Holder
          This is a battery holder for 2 NiCd or Ni..
Rs 20.00
4xAA Battery Holder
         Battery holders for 4 x AA batteries. Can be used..
Rs 25.00
Female DC Sockets
    Standard DC Socket which suites for most of the standard wall adapter. Internal..
Rs 10.00
Male DC Connector
   DC Socket Connector Male (12V / 9V socket) - [High Quality] Standard DC Socket..
Rs 15.00
Stereo Pin
     A professional quality 3.5mm PCB mounting switched stereo pin.  ..
Rs 20.00 Rs 15.00
Stereo Socket
    A professional quality 3.5mm PCB mounting switched stereo socket.   ..
Rs 40.00 Rs 30.00