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         The RTC & EEPROM boards helpful to connect the real time chip DS1307 and or EEPROM 24CXX  series with any microcontroller development boards. The board has two IC base one for DS1307 and other for EEPROM chip. This RTC & EEPROM breakout board uses I2C communication protocol for transfer of data. In I2C protocol only two signals are used for communication namely SDA and SCL. The devices like DS1307, EEPROM or any other are parallel connected with SDA and SCL line with the pull up resistor.

          The best suitable microcontroller development boards that can be easily used with this RTC & EEPROM boards are AVR & PIC microcontroller. These series of microcontroller like ATMEGA16, ATMEGA32, PIC18F series has built in I2C protocol for communication. Even 8051 microcontroller can also be used with RTC & EEPROM board by implementing the I2C communication protocol. The eg design and code is provided in


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