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            L298 Motor driver is a  single board to control the speed and direction of two DC motors. Any two DC Motor can be independently controlled with the help of L298. The datasheet can be downloaded from “download tab”. There are three slots given in the board for the connections.

            First slot is power supply. A +12V power supply is to be applied to the board. The other two slots are for the motor connections separate control pins are provided with 4 control signal. E,V+,V- and GND. The GND pin has to be made common with the digital circuit or microcontroller board. V+ and V- are the two logic levels to control the direction of the motor. ‘10’ or ‘01’ logic are responsible of clock wise or anticlockwise rotation. ‘11’ or ‘00’ logics are neglected. ‘E’ pin has to be given with logic high to enable the chip. A PWM output can be led to ‘E’ pin to control the speed of DC motor. Generally a 50 1/3 or 100 1/3 square wave with varying duty cycle is recommended.

            I-labz understands your requirements and makes it a complete solution to your robotic projects. The L298 motor drive can be interplaced with any digital control circuits are microcontroller development boards used in the  robotic applications. You can also use this L298 motor drive with any development boards like 8051 microcontroller, AVR development boards, PIC development Boards, Arduino and even with raspberry Pi. You can refer to to get more helps on motor drives programming and interfacing.

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