I-LABZ electronics Provide all kinds of embedded system target boards of different Processors. Mainly 8051 , PIC , AVR , Arduino are the most used microcontroller baords for the realtime applications. I-LABZ offers best support in troubleshooting the target boards.

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Raspberry Pi
          Raspberry PI... don't you think tiny bo..
Rs 2,890.00
Arduino UNO
       Arduino UNO R3 is a board for all engineers. Whatever may..
Rs 1,300.00 Rs 1,200.00
Arduino USB with Atmega328(Freeduino)
   Arduino is an open source embedded development platform consisting of a simple develo..
Rs 900.00
Arduino USB with Atmega8 (Freeduino )
       Are you edicted with Arduino & cannot offered the Price!!..
Rs 683.00 Rs 650.00
8051 development Boards
          8051 development Board is a Unique design o..
Rs 200.00 Rs 190.00
8051 Evaluation Board
       8051 evaluation Board is a simplest solution to start with sy..
Rs 90.00 Rs 70.00
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8051 ISP
     Features Flash Burner for 8051 series Communication - USB Auto Eras..
Rs 570.00 Rs 470.00
AVR Development Board
   A general purpose 40 pin AVR development board with onboard USB support, power supp..
Rs 200.00
AVR evaluation Board
    A general purpose 40 pin AVR evaluation board compatible with the Atmega16 and ..
Rs 90.00 Rs 70.00
   Description     The benefit  of  this programmer  is..
Rs 800.00 Rs 700.00
PIC16F84 Development Board
        PIC16F84 Development Board is the simple multi operatio..
Rs 240.00 Rs 230.00
PIC Kit 3
          Are you looking for a permanent solution on..
Rs 3,400.00 Rs 1,850.00
PIC167877 Development Board
           PIC16F877 Development Board is the si..
Rs 150.00 Rs 115.00
MSP430 Lauch Pad
          MSP430 Launch Pad is a product of Texas Ins..
Rs 1,350.00 Rs 1,250.00