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  • 8051 Evaluation Board
  • 8051 Evaluation Board
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       8051 evaluation Board is a simplest solution to start with system development. This tiny kit contains IC Base for 8051 family microcontroller. The microcontroller can be 89C51,89S52 or even 89V51RD2.

      Evaluation board contains a male burg on all the 4 ports of 8051. LED indication is given for the power supply & one for the single line of Port 1. Apart from these accessories our evaluation board also has reset button to reset the Microcontroller. This Evaluation board is flexible to use with 8051 ISP Programmer or any other universal Programmer.

      The 8051 evaluateion board can be directly interfaced with GSM modem(SIM300) with TTL output and GPS receiver as well serial communication can be achieved with TTL to RS232 level converter to make it competible with RS232 level. 

Download the Assembler and a Sample blink LED Program

; this program is to test the ports of 8051 and the development board
; use the asm51.exe assembler or any other assembling tool to get the hex file
; The assembler directives have to be changed as per the tool properties.
; Use Flash magic tool to program the target board. The Flash magic tool works without any problem in windows XP.
; Check the serial cable for any communication error.

; For any help contact
; visit



Blink Program to test the target board

P1    EQU    90H           ; define the port1 address
P2    EQU    0A0H        ; define the port2 address
ORG 0000H

MAIN:    MOV     P1,#00H    ; make P1 to 00
    MOV    P2,#00H
    LCALL    DELAY      ; call delay program
    MOV    P1,#0FFH        ; make p1 to FF
    MOV    P2,#0FFH        ; add any other port to see the square wave output.

    SJMP    MAIN             ; repeat the loop

DELAY:     MOV    R5,#0FFH
UP2:    MOV    R4,#0FFH
UP3:    DJNZ    R4,UP3
    DJNZ    R5,UP2

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