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          Raspberry PI... don't you think tiny board does something unusual.I have used many embedded development board but this PI is some what different. To give more detailed product description you should known of Linux operating system. The discussion what we make is all about Linux operating system running on Raspberry PI.You will get many flavors of OS to be loaded on the Raspberry PI in the official website of PI. As of this product is concerned it is a small computer running with an OS doing great work.PI is a computer supporting standard display device like CRT monitor with VGA, TFT,LCD along with mouse, keyboard etc. Don't you think this is all that we really need to work on..!

           Raspberry PI can be operated with a preloaded OS in SD CARD. With this set up any elementary kid also works with Raspberry!! You might surprise then what we do !!! on it.... The Pi has got support with higher end Programming like Python to play & design many more on embedded systems. There are many add on board are available for Raspberry Pi to work on data & image processing tools like Opengl can be easily intergrated with OS and get many 2D-3D octim can be performed. Image processing tool box are also supported in this open source world.

Pack Includes

  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. RCA Cable
  3. Product manual


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