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        The recent advances in wireless communication, integrated circuit technology, and sensor technology have given rise to the development of miniature medical devices which are used for enhanced monitoring and treatment of medical conditions. A microelectronic pill is one such medical device. It has gained a significant attention during the past few years. Various developments in the field of wireless technologies and System On Chip (SOC) have led to miniaturize the complex electronic systems to the size of ingestible capsule. Microelectronic pill is a bidirectional wireless microelectronic capsule. It is called as bidirectional because it can transmit images from inside the human body to external receivers and also receive a control signal from an external control unit. This type of microelectronic pill performs endoscopic functions within the gastrointestinal tract. Key technologies which include a low-power Complementary Metal Oxide Silicon (CMOS) image sensor and low noise wireless transmission technologies have been integrated with a proper battery in a single capsule. Thus microelectronic capsule is a type of multidisciplinary technology that allows for real clinical advances.

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