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        From hundreds to thousands of computers, hubs to switched networks, and Ethernet to either ATM or 10Gbps Ethernet, administrators need more sophisticated network traffic monitoring and analysis tools in order to deal with the increase. These tools are needed, not only to fix network problems on time, but also to prevent network failure, to detect inside and outside threats, and make good decisions for network planning.

       As company or campus intranets continue to grow Traffic monitoring and analysis is essential in order to more effectively troubleshoot and resolve issues when they occur, inorder not to bring network services to a stand still for extended periods of time. Numerous tools are available to help administrators with the monitoring and analysis of network traffic. This project highlights the working of Wireshark as a network protocol analyzer and also accentuates its flexibility as an open source utility to allow developers to add possible functionalities. Aim of the project is to obtain the intrusions and the anomaly detection by analyzing the network traffic using Wireshark.

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