Wireless modules give most reliable data transfer for the real time applications.

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GSM Modem(SIM900A) (Serial-RS232)
   This is a plug and play GSM Modem with a simple to implement RS232, TTL serial and ..
Rs 1,500.00 Rs 1,100.00
RF Transmitter and Reciever Pair
Transmitter    This is an ideal for remote control applications where low cost and long..
Rs 280.00 Rs 250.00
WiFi Module
   This module is a low cost embedded UART to Ethernet - WiFi Module (Serial port to E..
Rs 2,500.00 Rs 2,400.00
GPS  Module with Internal Antenna
      GPS-634R” is a highly integrated smart GPS module with a cera..
Rs 1,600.00 Rs 1,500.00
GPS Module with GPS Antenna
   A USB GPS Module built using the MT3329 chipset from MediaTek Inc. This GPS module co..
Rs 1,800.00 Rs 1,600.00
GPS Antenna
GPS antenna TLC-1575 Frequency Range 1575.42±2MHz Input Impedance 50 Ohms Gain ≥31 ..
Rs 550.00
RFID Reader
   This board uses the EM18 RFID Module. It can be used to read our RFID cards. Using ..
Rs 800.00 Rs 580.00
This a small sized RFID tag. IT works in the 125 KHz range. It works perfectly with our RFID ..
Rs 55.00 Rs 50.00
Bluethooth Module
   It is a class-2 bluetooth module with Serial Port Profile , which can configure as ei..
Rs 900.00
RF Transmitter (Wireless Transmitter)
Transmitter      This is an ideal for remote control applications where low c..
Rs 180.00 Rs 170.00
RF  receiver (Wireless Receiver)
Receiver      This is an Hybrid 433Mhz RF receiver module and is ideal for sh..
Rs 180.00 Rs 170.00
RF Encoder
           RF encoder is a serial encoder used i..
Rs 368.00
RF Decoder
   This is a 4 bit wireless module. Use it to transmit  4 bits of wireless data t..
Rs 368.00 Rs 350.00