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  • GPS  Module with Internal Antenna
  • GPS  Module with Internal Antenna
  • GPS  Module with Internal Antenna
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      GPS-634R” is a highly integrated smart GPS module with a ceramic GPS patch antenna. The antenna is connected to the module via an LNA. The module  is  with  51  channel  acquisition  engine  and  14 channel track engine, which be capable of receiving signals from up to 65 GPS satellites and transferring  them  into  the precise position and timing information that can be read over either UART port or RS232 serial port. Small size and high-end GPS  functionality  are  at  low  power  consumption,  Bothof the LVTTL-level and RS232 signal interface are provided on the interface connector, supply voltage  of  3.6V~6.0V  is  supported. The smart GPS antenna module is available as an off-the-shelf component, 100% tested. The smart GPS antenna module  can  be  offered  for  OEM  applications  with  the versatile adaptation in form and connection. Additionally, the antenna can be tuned to the final systems’ circumstances.





  • 65 channels to acquire and track satellites simultaneously
  • Industry-leading TTFF speed
  • Tracking sensitivity reaches -161 dBm
  • 0.5 PPM TCXO for quick cold start
  • Integral LNA with low power control
  • SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS) capable
  • Cold start _ 29 sec under clear Sky
  • Hot start _ 1 sec under clear Sky
  • Accuracy 5m CEP
  • Operable at 3.6V-6V
  • Both of RS232 and UART interface at CMOS level
  • Small form factor of 32 mm W x 32 mm Lx 8 mm H
  • Mountable without solder process
  • 6 pins wafer connector


  • Automotive and Marine Navigation
  • Automotive Navigator Tracking
  • Emergency Locator
  • Geographic Surveying
  • Personal PositioninG

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