SinaProg Program Download Guide will help you learn how to download hex file into all AVR microcontrollers. Connect the AVR USB Programmer to the PC to Laptop directly or with the help of USB AM-FM Cable provided with the AVR USB Programmer package. Then, Connect the AVR Trainer Board-100 or any other microcontroller board that you have, with the AVR USB Programmer through the 10 to 10 FRC Female connector provided with the AVR USB Programmer package.

Then, Open the SinaProg Software by Double Clicking the SinaProg icon. The SinaProg looks as below picture.

SinaProg-Program-Download-Guide-1-ABLab Solutions

Click the “Folder” icon in the Hex file section and browse for the Hex file of the project, which you want to download to the microcontroller and Select the HEX file. Example – Led_Blinking.hex.

Then, Select the microcontroller to which you want to download the code/program from the drop- down list in Device section. Example – ATmega16 or else, if the microcontroller is connected to the AVR USB Programmer then, Click the “Search” button in the Device section. This will read the signature byte of the microcontroller and according to the signature value, it will automatically select the microcontroller for the Device section.

Then, Select “USBasp” in Programmer and “USB” in Port from their respective drop-down list in the Programmer section. The first one selects the Programmer type which we are using and the second one selects the Port that is used by the programmer. The below picture shows the SinaProg window after all the above settings:

SinaProg-Program-Download-Guide-2-ABLab Solutions

Click the “Program” button in the Flash section to start the download of code/program (Hex file of project) to the Flash memory of the microcontroller. The below picture shows the status of code/program download in Status section.

SinaProg-Program-Download-Guide-3-ABLab Solutions

If the code/program download succeeds, then “Programming Flash…OK” is displayed in the Status section band if the download fails, then “Programming failed” is displayed in the Status section.The below picture shows the Status section when download succeeds and fails.

SinaProg-Program-Download-Guide-4-ABLab Solutions SinaProg-Program-Download-Guide-5-ABLab Solutions
Download succeeded. Download failed.

If the AVR USB programmer is not connected or if the PC/Laptop can not detect the AVR USB Programmer and code/program download is tried, then “Can’t find programmer” is displayed in the Status section. The below picture shows the Status section for the above condition.

SinaProg-Program-Download-Guide-6-ABLab Solutions

To know the detail result of the last code/program download, Click the “Arrow (>)” button in the Status section. This will open another window which will display the last download results in detail. The below picture shows the SinaProg window with the arrow (>) button clicked.

SinaProg-Program-Download-Guide-7-ABLab Solutions

Now, you have successfully downloaded the code/program that you have written (Led_Blinking) and its time to test the code/program of Led_Blinking in the hardware. Do the required connection in the hardware according to the code and see the output.

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Source code for cipher

stream  ——————< download>This link contains full set of file zipped folders and files

open it in xilinxs and run

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Installing OpenCV in Raspberry Pi

1) First, be sure that the Raspberry Pi is connected to internet.
2) Update the system by typing the “sudo apt-get update” in the terminal windowRaspbian update

3) After that upgrade it by typing “sudo apt-get upgrade”. It will take nearly half an hour to some couple of hours depending upon speed of the internet.

Raspbian upgrade

.4) Install the OpenCV by typing “sudo apt-get install libopencv-dev python-opencv”. And this also takes nearly half an hour. ( depending on your internet speed :))Install open cv

Note: Raspberry Pi and internet connection should not off until the completion of the whole installation process.




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Folder are hidden due to virus…!!!


The most common problem that appears with the kind of system virus. Don’t be frustrated with this , here is a solution so that you can get your memory or pen-drive to the normal status

go to DOS prompt

start>run> type cmd

navigate to the drive location with command

F: <enter>



attrib e:\*.* /d /s -h -r -s

then use

del *.exe


you can see the normal status now … GOOD LUCK :-)

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Unable to locate package …. in GIMP

Are you trying to install any software in ubuntu terminal with
sudo apt-get install GIMP
or similar and getting error as
….Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done E: Unable to locate package gimp

for this you need to enable Main & Universe repositories… this can be done with the

sudo add-apt-repository “deb $(lsb_release -sc) main universe”

then use

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade



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TTL Family (74 Series ) and Function set

Product No. Pins Description
74LS00 14 Quad 2-Input NAND Gate
74LS01 14 Quad 2-Input NAND Gate (O.C.)
74LS02 14 Quad 2-Input NAND Gate
74LS03 14 Quad 2-Input NAND Gate (O.C.)
74LS04 14 Hex Inverter
74LS05 14 Hex Inverter (O.C.)
74LS06 14 Hex Inverter Buffer/Driver (O.C.)
74LS07 14 Hex Buffer/Driver (O.C.)
74LS08 14 Quad 2 Input AND Gate
74LS09 14 Quad 2-Input AND with O.C.
74LS10 14 Triple 3-Input NAND Gate
74LS11 14 Triple 3-Input NAND Gate
74LS12 14 Triple 3-Input NAND Gate (O.C.)
74LS13 14 Dual 4-Input NAND Gate Schmitt Trig
74LS14 14 Hex Inverter Schmitt Trigger
74LS15 14 Triple 3-Input AND with O.C.
74LS16 14 Hex Inverter Buffer/Driver (O.C.)
74LS17 14 Hex Buffer/Driver (O.C Hi-Voltage)
74LS20 14 Dual 4-Input NAND Gate
74LS21 14 Dual 4-Input NAND Gate
74LS22 14 Dual 4-Input NAND Gate
74LS23 16 Expandable Dual 4-Input NOR with Strobe
74LS25 14 Dual 4-Input NAND Gate
74LS26 14 Dual 2-Input NAND Gate
74LS27 14 Triple 3-Input NOR Gate
74LS28 14 Quad 2-Input NOR Buffer
74LS30 14 8-Input NAND Gate
74LS32 14 Quad 2-Input OR Gate
74LS33 14 Quad 2-Input NOR Buffer with O.C.
74LS37 14 Quad 2-Input NAND Buffer
74LS38 14 Quad 2-Input NAND Buffer (O.C.)
74LS40 14 Dual 4-Input NAND Buffer
74LS42 16 BCD-to-Decimal Decoder
74LS43 16 Excess 3 to Decimal Decoder
74LS45 16 BCD-to-Decimal Decoder/Driver (30V)
74LS46 16 BCD-to-7 Segment Decoder/Driver (30V)
74LS47 16 BCD-to-7 Segrment Decoder/Driver (15V)
74LS48 16 BCD-to-7 Segment Decoder/Driver
74LS49 14 BCD to Seven Segment Decoder 5.5V with O.C.
74LS50 14 Quad2 wide 2-Input AND OR INVERT
74LS51 14 Dual 2-W 2-Input AND/OR/Invert Gate
74LS52 14 Quad 2-Input AND/OR Invert Gate
74LS53 14 4 Wide 2-Input AND OR INVERT
74LS54 14 4 Wide 2-Input AND OR INVERT
74LS55 14 Expandable 2 Wide 4-Input AND OR INVERT
74LS61 14 Triple 3-Input Expanders
74LS70 14 Edg e-Triggered Jk Flip-Flop
74LS72 14 AND Gated JK Master/Slave Flip-Flop
74LS73 14 Dual JK Flip-Flop w/Cleart
74LS74 14 Dual D Flip-Flop
74LS75 16 4-Bit Bistable Latch
74LS76 16 Dual JK Flip-Flop w/Preset AND Clear
74LS78 14 Dual J-K Flip Flops with Preset
74LS83 16 4-Bit Binary Full Adder
74LS85 16 4-Bit Magnitude Comparator
74LS86 14 Quad EXCLUSIVE-OR Gate
74LS90 14 Decade Counter
74LS91 14 8-Bit Shift Register
74LS92 14 Divide-by-12 Counter
74LS93 14 4-Bit Binary Counter
74LS95 14 4-Bit Parallel-Access Shift Register
74LS96 16 5-Bit Parallel-IN, Parallel-OUT Shift Reg
74LS97 16 Synch 6-Bit Binary Rate Multiplirts
74LS100 24 Dual 4-Bit Bistable Latch
74LS105 14 AND Gate J-K F-F with Preset and Clear
74LS107 14 Dual J-K Flip-Flop w/Clear
74LS109 16 Dual J-K Pos Edge-Triggered F-F
74LS110 14 AND Gate J-K Master-Slave F-F with Data Lockout
74LS111 16 Dual J-K Master-Slaver F-F with Data Lockout
74LS112 16 Dual J-K Negative-Edge-Trig. F-F with Preset and Clear
74LS113 14 Dual J-K Negative-Edge-Triggered F-F with Preset
74LS114 14 Dual J-K Negative-Edge-Trigg. F-F with Preset
74LS116 24 Dual 4-Bit Latches w/Clear
74LS120 16 Dual Pulse Synchronizers/Drivers
74LS121 14 Momostable Multivibrator
74LS122 14 Retriggerable Mono Multivbrtr w/Clear
74LS123 16 Dual Retriggerable Mono Multivibrator
74LS125 14 Quad Bus Buffer Tri-State
74LS126 14 Quad Bus Buffer Tri-State
74LS128 14 . Quad 2-Input NOR Line Drier
74LS132 14 Quad 2-Input NAND Schmitt Trigger
74LS133 16 13-Input Positive-NAND Gate
74LS136 14 Quad EXCLUSIVE-OR Gate (O.C.)
74LS137 16 3 to 8 Line Decoder/Latch
74LS138 16 3 to 8 Line Decoder
74LS139 16 Dual 2 to 4 Line Decoder
74LS145 16 BCD-to-Decimal Decoder/Driver (15V)
74LS147 16 10/4 Priority Encoder
74LS148 16 8 to 3 Line Octal Priority Encoder
74LS150 24 16 Line to 1 Line Multiplexer
74LS151 16 8-lnput Multiplexer
74LS153 16 Dual 4/1 Data Select/Multiplexer
74LS154 24 4 to 16 Line Decoder/Demultiplexe
74LS155 16 Dual 2/4 Demultiplexer
74LS156 16 Dual 2/4 Demultiplexer (O.C.)
74LS157 16 Quad 2/1 Data Selector
74LS158 16 Quad 2/1 Multiplexer (Inverter)
74LS159 24 1 of 16 Decoder/Demux (O.C.)
74LS160 16 Decade Counter with Asynch Clear
74LS161 16 Synchronous 4-Bit Counter
74LS162 16 Decode , Synchronous Clear
74LS163 16 Synchronous 4-Bit Counter
74LS164 14 8-Bit Serial Shift Register
74LS165 16 8-Bit Serial Shift Reg, Parallel Load
74LS166 16 8-Bit Shift Register, Parallel Load
74LS168 16 Syncronous Up Down Decade Counter
74LS169 16 Syncronous Up Down Binary Counter
74LS170 16 4 -4 Register File (O.C.)
74LS173 16 4-Bit D-Type Reg Tri-State
74LS174 16 Hex D Flip-Flop with Clear
74LS175 16 Quad D-Type Flip-Flop with Clear
74LS180 14 9-Bit Odd/Even Parity Gen/Checker
74LS181 24 Arithmetic Logic Unit/Function Gen
74LS182 16 Look-Ahead Cary Generator
74LS183 14 Dual Carry Save Full Adder
74LS184 16 BCD to Binary Converter
74LS188 16 256-Bit Programmable Read-Only Memories
74LS189 16 64-Bit RAM Tri-State
74LS190 16 Up/Down Decade Counter
74LS191 16 Binary Up/Down Counter
74LS192 16 Decade Up/Down Counter w/Clear
74LS193 16 Binary Up/Down Counter w/Clear
74LS194 16 4-Bit Bi-Directional Shift Register
74LS195 16 4-Bit Parallel-Access Shift Register
74LS196 14 Presettable Decade Counter
74LS197 14 Presettable Binary Counter
74LS198 24 8-Bit Bidirectional Shift Register
74LS199 24 8-Bit Shift Register, Parallel Load
74LS221 16 Dual Mono Multiv Schmint Trigger
74LS224 16 16 Word 4-Bit FIFO 3 State
74LS240 20 Octal 3 State Bus Inverter
74LS241 20 Octal 3 State Bus Driver
74LS242 14 Quad 3 State Bus Transceiver
74LS243 14 Quad 3 State Bus Transceiver
74LS244 20 Octal 3 State Bus Driver
74LS245 20 Octal 3 State Bus Transceiver
74LS247 16 BCD to Seven Segment Decoder 15V with O.C.
74LS248 16 BCD to Seven Segment Decoder 2K Pull-up with O.C.
74LS249 16 BCD to Seven Segment Decoder 5.5V with O.C.
74LS251 16 8-Channel Multiplexer Tri-State
74LS253 16 Dual 4 to 1 Line Data Selector 3 State
74LS257 16 Quad 2 to 1 Data Selector 3 State
74LS258 16 Quad 2 to 1 Data Selector 3 State
74LS259 16 8-Bit Addressable Lacth
74LS260 14 Dual 5-Input NOR
74LS261 16 24 Binary Multiplier
74LS266 14 Quad 2-Input Exclusive NOR with O.C.
74LS273 20 Octal D-Type Flip-Flop w/Clear
74LS276 20 Quad J-K F-F
74LS279 16 Quad Set-Reset Latch
74LS280 14 9-Bit Parity Generator/Checker
74LS283 16 4-Bit Binary Full Add w/Fast Carry
74LS288 16 256-Bit Programmable Read-Only Memories
74LS290 14 Decader Counter
74LS293 14 4 Bit Binary Counter
74LS295 14 4 Bit Shift Register PIPO 3 State
74LS298 16 Quad 2-Input Multipl w/Storage
74LS299 20 8 Bit Universal Shift/Storage Register
74LS321 16 Crystal-Controlled Oscillator (with F/2,F/4 Output)
74LS322 20 8 Bit Shift Register with Sign Extend
74LS323 20 8 Bit Shift Register 3 State
74LS352 16 Dual 4 to 1 Line Date Selector
74LS353 16 Dual 4 to 1 Line Data Selector 3 State
74LS365 16 Hex Buffer/AND Gate Tri-State
74LS366 16 Hex Buffer Inv./AND Gate Tri-State
74LS367 16 Hex Buffer Tri-State
74LS368 16 Hex Buffer Inverter Tri-State
74LS373 20 Octal Transparent Latch 3 State
74LS374 20 Octal D Type F-F 3 State
74LS375 16 4 Bit Latch
74LS377 20 Octal D Type F-F with Enable
74LS378 16 Hex D Type F-F with Enable
74LS379 16 4Bit D Type F-F with Enable
74LS386 14 Quad Exclusive OR
74LS390 16 Dual 4-Bit Decade Counter
74LS393 16 Dual 4-Bit Binary Cntr w/lnd. Clocks
74LS395 16 4 Bit Shift Register PIPO
74LS396 16 Octal Storage Register
74LS465 20 Octal 3 State Bus Buffer
74LS471 20 Program. Read-Only Memory (256 8-Bit Words)
74LS490 16 Dual Decade Counter
74LS540 20 Octal 3 State Bus Buffer (Inverted)
74LS541 20 Octal 3 State Bus Buffer
74LS573 20 Octal 3 State Transparent Latch
74LS590 16 8-Bit Binary Counter with Output Register
74LS597 16 8-Bit Shift Register with Input F-F
74LS612 40 Memory Mapper 3 State
74LS629 16 Dual VCO
74LS640 20 Octal Bus Transceiver (3 State)
74LS641 20 Octal Bus Transceiver with O.C.
74LS643 20 Octal Bus Transceiver (3 State)
74LS644 20 Octal Bus Transceiver with O.C.
74LS645 20 Octal 3 State Bus Transceiver
74LS669 16 Synchronous Presettable Up Down Binary Counter
74LS670 16 4 Word 4-Bit Register File 3 State
74LS682 20 8-Bit Magnitude Comparator
74LS688 20 8-Bit Equal to Compartor with O.C.

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CMOS family – List of ICs and Function set

CD4000 Series

Product No. Pins Description
CD4000 14 Dual 3-Input NOR Gate w/Invert
CD4001 14 Quad 2-Input NOR Gate
CD4002 14 Qual 4-Input NOR Gate
CD4006 14 18 Bit Static Shift Register
CD4007 14 Dual Comp Pair w/Inverter
CD4008 16 4 Bit Full Adder
CD4009 16 Hex/Buffer/Converter (Inverting)
CD4010 16 Hex/Buffer/Converter (N-invert)
CD40H010 16 Triple 3-Input NAND Gate
CD4011 14 Quad 2-Input NAND Gate
CD4012 14 Dual 4-Input NAND Gate
CD4013 14 Dual D Flip-Flop with Set/Reset
CD4014 16 8 Bit Static Shift Register
CD4015 16 Dual 4-Stage Static Shift Reg
CD4016 14 Quad Bilateral Switch (74016)
CD4017 16 Decade Counter/Divider
CD4018 16 Presettable Divide-by-N Counter
CD4019 16 Quad AND/OR Select Gate
CD4020 16 14-Stage Binary/Ripple Counter
CD4021 16 8-Stage Static Shift Register
CD4022 16 Octal Counter
CD4023 14 Triple 3-Input NAND Gate
CD4024 14 7-Stage Binary Counter
CD4025 14 Triple 3-Input NOR Gate
CD4026 14 Decade Counters/Dividers
CD4027 16 Dual JK Master-Slave Flip-Flop
CD4028 16 BCD-to-Decimal Decoder
CD4029 16 Presettable Up/Down Counter
CD4030 14 Quad EXCLUSIVE-OR Gate
CD4031 16 64 Stage Static Shift Register
CD4032 16 Triple Serial Adder (Positive Logic)
CD4033 16 Decade Counter/Dividers
CD4034 24 8 Bit Universal Register
CD4035 16 4-Stage Parallel In/Out Shift Register
CD4038 16 Triple Serial Adder (Negative Logic)
CD4039 24 4 Word By 8 Bit Static RAM
CD4040 16 12-Stage Binary-Ripple Counter
CD4041 14 Quad True/Complement Buffer
CD4042 16 Quad Clocked D Latch
CD4043 16 Quad NOR R-S Latch Tri-State
CD4044 16 Quad 3-State NAND R-S Latch
CD4045 16 Hex/Buffer/Converter(N-Invert)
CD4046 16 Micropower Phase-Locked Loop
CD4047 14 Monostable/Astable Multivibrator
CD4048 16 Multifunction Expandable 8 Input Gate
CD4049 16 Hex/Buffer/Converter (Inverting)
CD4050 16 Hex Non Inverting Buffer
CD4051 16 Single 8-Channel Multi/Demultip
CD4052 16 Diff 4-Channel Multi/Demultip
CD4053 16 Triple 2-Channel Multi/Demultip
CD4055 16 BCD To 7 Seg. Decoder/Driver with Display Freq.Output
CD4059 24 Program Divide-by-N Counter
CD4060 16 14-Stage Ripple-Carry Binary
CD4063 16 4 Bit Magnitude Comparater
CD4066 14 Quad Bilateral Switch
CD4067 24 16-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
CD4068 14 8-Input NAND Gate
CD4069 14 Hex Inverter (74C04)
CD4070 14 Quad EXCLUS-OR Gate (74C86)
CD4071 14 Quad 2-Input OR Gate
CD4072 14 Dual 4-Input OR Gate
CD4073 14 Triple 3-Input AND Gate
CD40H074 14 Dual D Flip Flop
CD4076 16 Quad D-Type Register (74C173)
CD4077 14 Quad EXCLUSIVE-NOR Gate
CD4078 14 8-Input NOR Gate
CD4081 14 Quad 2-Input AND Gate
CD4082 14 Dual 4-Input AND Gate
CD4085 14 Dual 2 Wide 2-Input AOI Gate
CD4086 14 Expandable 4 wide 2-Input AOI Gate
CD4089 16 Binary Rate Multiplier
CD4093 14 Quad 2-Input NAND Schmitt Trigger
CD4094 16 8-Stage Shift-and-Store Bus Reg
CD4095 14 Non Inverting Gated JK Master Slave Flip Flop
CD4096 14 Inverting Gated JK Master Slave Flip Flop
CD4097 24 Dual 8 Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
CD4098 16 CMOS/MOS Dual Mono. Multivib
CD4099 16 8-Bit Addressable Latch
CD40098 16 Dual Monostable Multivibrator
CD40100 16 32 Stage Static Left/Right Shift Register
CD40101 14 9 Bit Parity Generator/Checker
CD40102 16 Dual BCD Presettable Down Counter
CD40103 16 8 Bit Binary Presettable Down Counter
CD40104 16 4 Bit Universal Shift Register
CD40105 16 Frist-In First-Out Register
CD40106 14 Hex Inverter Schmitt Trigger
CD40107 8 Dual 2 Input NAND Buffer/Driver
CD40109 16 Quad Low-to-High Voltage Level Shifter
CD40147 16 10 Line to 4 Line BCD Priority Encoder
CD40160 16 Synchronous Presettable BCD Counter
CD40161 16 Synchronous Presettable 4 Bit Binary Counter
CD40162 16 Synchronous Presettable BCD Counter
CD40163 16 Synchronous Presettable 4 Bit Binary Counter
CD40174 16 Hex D Flip-Flop (74C174)
CD40175 16 Quad D Flip-Flop (74C175)
CD40192 16 Presetable BCD Up/Down Counter (74C192)
CD40193 16 Presetable Binary Up/Down Counter (74C193)
CD40194 16 4 Bit Bidirectional Universal Shift Register
CD40257 16 Quad 2 Line to 1 Line Date Selector/Multipexer

CD4500 (CMOS IC)

Product No. Pins Description
CD4501 16 Triple Gate (Dual 4-Input NAND + 2-Input NOR/OR)
CD4502 16 Stored Hex Inverter/Buffer
CD4503 16 Tri-State Hex Buffer (74C367) 80C97
CD4504 16 TTL or CMOS to CMOS Hex Level Shifter
CD4508 24 Dual 4 Bit Latch
CD4510 16 BCD Up/Down Counter
CD4511 16 BCD to 7-Seg. Latch/Decoder/Driver
CD4512 16 8-Channel Data Selector
CD4514 24 4-Bit Latch/4-16 Line Decod (WP91090L1)
CD4515 24 4-Bit Latch/4-16 Decoder
CD4516 16 Binary Up/Down Counter
CD4517 16 Dual 64 Bit Static Register
CD4518 16 Dual BCD Up Counter
CD4519 16 4 Bit AND/OR Selector
CD4520 16 Dual Binary Up Counter
CD4521 16 24 Stage Frequency Divider
CD4522 16 Program. BCD Divide-By-N Counter
CD4526 16 Divide-by-N Counter (Binary)
CD4527 16 BCD Rate Multiplier
CD4528 16 Dual Monostable Multivibrator
CD4529 16 Dual 4 Channel Analog Data Selector
CD4531 16 12 Bit Parity Tree
CD4532 16 8 Bit Priority Encoder
CD4536 16 Programmable Timer
CD4538 16 Dual Precision Mono. Multivibrator
CD4539 16 Dual 4 Channel Data Selector/Multiplexer
CD4541 14 Oscillator/Programmable Timer
CD4543 16 BCD to 7-Segment Decoder (LCD)
CD4551 16 Quad 2 Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
CD4553 16 3-Digit BCD Counter
CD4555 16 Dual Binary 1 of 4 Dec./Demultiplexer
CD4556 16 Dual Binary 1 of 4 Decoder Inverter
CD4557 16 1 to 64 Bit Variable Length Shift Register
CD4558 16 BCD to 7 Segment Decoder
CD4560 16 NBCD Adder
CD4562 14 128 Bit Static Shift Register
CD4566 16 Industrial Time Base Generator
CD4569 16 Programmable Dual 4 Bit Binary/BCD Down Counter
CD4572 16 Hex Gate (MC14572BCP)
CD4581 24 4 Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit
CD4582 16 Look Ahead Carry Block
CD4583 16 Dual Schmitt Trigger
CD4584 14 Hex Schmitt Trigger (74C14)
CD4585 16 4-bit Comparator (MC14585BCP)

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How to setup Raspberry Pi using HDMI port

Step 1 – Plug in „mouse‟, „keyboard‟ and „Raspberry Pi camera‟ to the Raspberry Pi board.
8051 a
Step 2- Then connect HDMI cable from the Raspberry Pi to monitor

Step 3 – Plug in the micro usb power supply. This action will turn on and boot the Raspberry Pi.

Step 4 – A setup option will appear on the screen as shown bellow.

Step 5 – To enable graphical user interface, go to the third option marked as red colour .

Step 6 – Then select the “second” option and press “ok” as shown bellow.

Step 7 – To enable the Pi camera, go to “enable camera” option and press enter.

Step 8 – And it will ask “Enable support for Raspberry Pi camera?”

Step 9-  Then select the “enable” option and press enter.

Step 10-  Then select “finish” and press enter. It will ask for reboot.

Step 11 – After the reboot “graphical interface screen” will appear.

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UNlock USB dongle for data connection using other networks

Many of you may be shifting the network for unavailable network

so here is the steps to use the existing data card to make it work for other networks

step 1) download the DC-unlocker form the following link

ilabz electronics ( download )

you need to put the sim for which the network is to be unlocked , keep the modem ready till it asks for the code to be entered on the pc.

step 2. Fill the manufacture name of the dongle , use auto detect for the model name.


step 3 use any dummy name and password use under server option


Now use unlock button on the software and get it unlocked :)

enjoy browsing !!!!!


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Blink LED program on ATMEGA

This code will make the PORTD and PORTB to toggle at a observable rate

 * AVRGCC2.c
 * Created: 2/17/2014 10:10:46 AM
 *  Author: Sukesh

#include <avr/io.h>
#define F_CPU 16000000UL
#include <util/delay.h>

int main(void)
DDRB=0xFF; //all pins of PORTB declared as output

       //TODO:: Please write your application code
PORTB=0xFF;  //High State
_delay_ms(200); //delay
PORTB=0x00; //low state
_delay_ms(200); //delay //TODO:: Please write your application code 
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