Kiel Compiler – Building a Project

Step1:Click on the Project > Close Project. This Closes the existing project if any


The entire window is devided in to 3 parts as shown below



Step 2: To Creat a new project Click on project > New u vision Project

Step3:  Choose the location on the hard disc to save the project file

Step4:Select  the Target IC for development you can choose any device linked. we will be choosing ATMEL > AT89S51




 Step5: Project Create a blank source group for the target device


Step6: Create a blank text file and write the C or assembly program on it. Use file > new


Step 7: After typing the code, save the file


Step8: Save the file in the same Project directory


Step 9: Add the .C file to the source group menu Right click on Source group and select “Add files to source group” option


Step10: Browse the .C file to be added


Step11: Now Right click on the “Target” and Select option for target


Step12:Under “output” mark the option for “create HEX File” You can rename the Hex file under name of executable.


Step13: Make sure that .C file is shown in the Project window


Step14: Use Project > Build target to compile the Project


Step15: Observe the errors in the result log is shown below. Correct the shown errors if any and repeat the step 14

































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