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   The ADC0808, ADC0809 data acquisition component is a monolithic CMOS device with an 8-bit analog-to-digital converter, 8-channel multiplexer and microprocessor compatible control logic. The 8-bit A/D converter uses successive  approximation as the conversion technique. The converter features a high  impedance chopper stabilized comparator, a 256R voltage divider with  analog switch tree and a successive approximation register. The 8-channel multiplexer can directly access any of 8-single-ended analog signals. The  device eliminates the need for external zero and fullscale adjustments. Easy interfacing to microprocessors  is provided by  the latched and decoded multiplexer address inputs and latched TTL TRI-STATEÉ outputs. The design of the  ADC0808,  ADC0809  has  been  optimized  by  incorporating  the  most  desirable  aspects  of  several A/D conversion techniques. The ADC0808,  ADC0809  offers  high  speed, high accuracy, minimal temperature dependence, excellent long-term accuracy and repeatability, and consumes minimal power. These  features  make  this device ideally suited to applications from process and machine control to consumer and automotive applications. For 16-channel multiplexer with common output (sample/hold port) see ADC0816 data sheet. (See AN-247 for more information.)


  •  Easy interface to all microprocessors
  • Operates ratiometrically or with 5 VDC or analog span adjusted voltage reference
  • No zero or full-scale adjust required
  • 8-channel multiplexer with address logic
  • 0V to 5V input range with single 5V power supply
  • Outputs meet TTL voltage level specifications
  • Standard hermetic or molded 28-pin DIP package
  • 28-pin molded chip carrier package
  • ADC0808 equivalent to MM74C949
  • ADC0809 equivalent to MM74C949-1

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