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7404-Hex Inverter(NOT)
            These devices contain six indep..
Rs 60.00
7432-2 Input OR gate
           These Devices contain four independen..
Rs 60.00
7486-2 XOR gate
         This device contains four independent gates each ..
Rs 60.00
7400-2 input NAND gate
         These devices contain four independent 2-input NA..
Rs 28.00
7402-2 input NOR gate
          These Devices contain four independent 2-in..
Rs 30.00
74138-3:8 Decodes
          The 74HC138 is identical in pinout to the..
Rs 55.00
74151-8 input MUX
General Description           These  data&nbs..
Rs 60.00
          The  LM555 is a highly stable controll..
Rs 10.00
74244-Octal Buffers
General Description           These buffers/line dri..
Rs 25.00
74373-Octal Latch
   Description             These..
Rs 30.00
7474 D Flip-Flop
   MM74HC74A Dual D-Type Flip-Flop with Preset and Clear General Description  ..
Rs 30.00 Rs 20.00
7490-Decade Counters
Description            Each  of these&nb..
Rs 120.00 Rs 110.00
74164-Shift Registers
DESCRIPTION             These 8-bit shif..
Rs 25.00 Rs 20.00