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General Description

          These  data  selectors/multiplexers  contain   full  on-chip  de-coding to  select  the  desired data source. The 150 selects one-of-sixteen data sources; the 151A  selects one-of-eight data sources. The 150 and 151A have a strobe input  which  must  be  at a  low logic level to enable these devices. A high level at the strobe forces the W output high and the Y output (as applicable) low.

           The 151A features complementary W and Y outputs,  where-as the 150 has an inverted (W) output only. The 151A  incorporates address buffers  which have sym-metrical  propagation delay  times through the  complementa-ry paths. This  reduces the possibility of transients occurring at the output(s) due to changes made at the select inputs, even when the 151A outputs are enabled (i.e., strobe low).


  • 150 selects one-of-sixteen data lines
  • 151A selects one-of-eight data lines
  • Performs parallel-to-serial conversion
  • Permits multiplexing from N lines to one line
  • Also for use as Boolean function generator
  • Typical average propagation delay time, data input to W output

          150 11 ns

          151A 9 ns

  • Typical power dissipation

           150 200 mW

           151A 135 mW

  • Alternate Military/Aerospace device (54150, 54151A) is available. Contact a National Semiconductor Sales Of- fice/Distributor for specifications.


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