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Resistor (1/4 Watts)
   Resistors are the most commonly used component in electronics and their purpose is to..
Rs 1.00
Resistor Array
   This is a resistor array containing 8 10K resistors in one small 9 pin package. The r..
Rs 10.00
Resistor Box
   This is a assortment of commonly used resistors each of a 1/4 power rating. &nbs..
Rs 63.00 Rs 60.00
Potentiometer(variable Resistor)
   Use this rotatory potentiometer for a variety of purposes.    It has 3..
Rs 20.00 Rs 15.00
Preset (Plastic_type)
   Cermet preset is a compact variable resistor and pcb mountable with 3 terminal pins. ..
Rs 8.50 Rs 8.00
Capacitors Ceramic
       Capacitors are components that are used to store an electrica..
Rs 1.00
Capacitors Box
        This is a assortment of commonly used ceramic capacitors. This box c..
Rs 40.00
Capacitors (Electrolytic )
       High quality radial electrolytic capacitors. Work great as vo..
Rs 2.00
4MHZ Crystal
          This is a 4 Mhz Quartz Crystal. Use this to..
Rs 13.00