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Arduino Unexplored


Raspberry Pi- An Introduction to embedded Linux


Robotics & Motor Driver

Exploring ATMEGA


Exploring ATMEL



FAQ about Internship & Training Program

 Q. What is this Internship ?

 A. You will be given internship project on undergoing through a training program.

 Q. When can we attend this Program ?

 A. - Saturday & Sundays only.

     - In week days only from 6 to 8pm.

 Q. How many can participate in this training program. ?

 A. Maximum of 12 members can attend at a time. One hardware kit can be purchased by 3 members on sharing basis.

 Q. What all will be tought in training program ?

 A. Please refer the Syllabus.

 Q. When can I join this ?

 A. Any day, any time.

 Q. How to join this program ?

 A. Please register at our website and wait for our confirmation. Fill and submit the application form. You can also personally come and visit our office to make your registration.