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Sl No                                                  Project  Title

1.      Implementation of a Low Cost PWM Voltage Source Multilevel Inverter (IEEE 2012)

2.      A Unified Approach to Reliability Assessment of Multiphase DC–DC Converters in Photovoltaic Energy Conversion Systems(IEEE 2012)

3.      Recent Developments on High-Power Switched- Capacitor Converters(IEEE 2012)

4.      Improved Configurations for Dc to Dc Buck and Boost Converters(IEEE 2012)

5.      Stability Mechanism Analysis of Input-series and Output-parallel Connected DC-DC Converters(IEEE 2012)

6.      Comparison of Efficiency of Two dc-to-ac Converters for Grid Connected Solar Applications(IEEE 2012)

7.      Near-Null Response to Large-Signal Transients in an Augmented Buck Converter: A Geometric Approach(IEEE 2012)

8.      Average Modeling and Linear Control of a Buck-Boost KY Converter(IEEE 2012)

9.      A Self Powered Gate Drive Circuit for Tapped Inductor Buck Converter(IEEE 2012)

10.  A novel on-chip soft-started DC-DC buck converter for biomedical applications(IEEE 2012)

11.  Proportional Compensated Buck Converter With a Differential-In Differential-Out (DIDO) Error Amplifier and Load Regulation Enhancement (LRE) Mechanism(IEEE 2012)

12.  Derivation of a Small-Signal Harmonic Model for Closed-Loop Power Converters Based on the State-Variable Sensitivity Method(IEEE 2012)

13.  A Comparative Study of a New ZCS DC–DC Full-Bridge Boost Converter With a ZVS Active-Clamp Converter(IEEE 2012)

14.  A Fully-Integrated 3-Level DC-DC Converter for Nanosecond-Scale DVFS(IEEE 2012)

15.  A Novel Buck–Boost Converter Combining KY and Buck Converters(IEEE 2012)

16.  A Spurious-Free Switching Buck Converter Achieving Enhanced Light-Load Efficiency by Using a -Modulator Controller With a Scalable Sampling Frequency(IEEE 2012)

17.  Dynamic Response Improvement in H-Bridge Enhanced Buck Converter(IEEE 2012)

18.  High Frequency QSW-ZVS Integrated Buck Converter Utilizing an Air-Core Inductor(IEEE 2012)

19.  A SEPIC Fed Buck Converter (IEEE 2012)

20.  5-V Buck Converter Using 3.3-V Standard CMOS Process With Adaptive Power Transistor Driver Increasing Efficiency and Maximum Load Capacity(IEEE 2012)


22.  A High Performance Switched Capacitor-Based DC-DC Buck Converter Suitable for Embedded Power Management Applications(IEEE 2012)

23.  Single-Phase Quasi Z-Source AC-AC Converter with a Series Connection of the Output Terminals(IEEE 2012)

24.  Area- and Power-Efficient Architecture for High-Throughput Implementationof Lifting 2-DDWT(IEEE 2012)

25.  Power Factor Correction Boost Converter Based on the Three-State Switching Cell(IEEE 2012)

26.  Maximum Constant Boost Control for QZSI in a Fuel Cell System(IEEE 2012)

27.  Modeling and Control of Quasi-Z-Source Inverter for Distributed Generation Applications(IEEE 2012)

28.  QZSI DC/DC Converters in Input-Series Output-Parallel Connection for Distributed Generation(IEEE 2012)

29.  Modeling and Control of Quasi-Z-Source Inverter for Distributed Generation Applications(IEEE 2012)


31.  Tapped Inductor Quasi-Z-source Inverter(IEEE 2012)

32.  AC Small Signal Modeling, Analysis and Control of Quasi-Z-Source Converter(IEEE 2012)

33.  QZSI DC/DC Converters in Input-Series Output-Parallel Connection for Distributed Generation(IEEE 2012)



36.  Comparison of 3-Level and 9-Level Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drives (IEEE 2011)

37.  Control Strategy of Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter With PV system as Separate DC Source (IEEE 2011)

38.  Family of non-isolated zero current transition bi-directional converters with one auxiliary switch(IEEE 2011)

39.  Zero-voltage transition–zero-current transition pulsewidth modulation DC–DC buck converter with zero-voltage switching–zero-current switching auxiliary circuit(IEEE 2011)

40.  Mixed-Signal Controlled Flyback-Transformer Based Buck Converter with Improved Dynamic Performance and Transient Energy Recycling(IEEE 2011)

41.  An Energy Stored Quasi-Z-Source Inverter for Application to Photovoltaic Power System(IEEE 2011)

42.  A Digital Current Control of Quasi-Z-Source Inverter with Battery (IEEE 2011)

43.  A High Performance Photovoltaic Module-Integrated Converter (MIC) Based on Cascaded Quasi-Z-Source Inverters (qZSI) using eGaNFETs(IEEE 2011)

44.  Enhanced Power Quality Control Strategy for Single-Phase Inverters in Distributed Generation Systems(IEEE 2011)

45.  A Transformerless Full Redundant Electrical Propulsion Solution to Enhance Power Density, Availability and Low Noise Signature(IEEE 2011)

46.  Analysis of Boundary Control for Boost and Buck-Boost Converters in Distributed Power Architectures with Constant-Power Loads(IEEE 2011)

47.  Proposed System Model and Simulation for Three Phase Induction Motor Operation with Single PV Panel(IEEE 2011)

48.  High-Efficiency Active DMFC System for Portable Applications(IEEE 2011)

49.  A 90% Peak Efficiency Single-Inductor Dual-Output Buck-Boost Converter with Extended-PWM Control(IEEE 2011)

50.  Impact of Component Losses on the Voltage Boost Properties and Efficiency of the qZS-Converter Family(IEEE 2011)

51.  Performance Improvement of Multiphase Multilevel Inverter Using Hybrid Carrier Based Space Vector Modulation (IEEE 2010)

52.  Vector Control System of Induction Machine Supplied by Three-level Inverter Based on a Fast SVPWM Algorithm(IEEE 2010)

53.  Multi-level Inverter for Induction Motor Drives: Implementation using Reversing Voltage Topology(IEEE 2010)

54.  The Switch-Mode Flying-Capacitor DC–DC Converters With Improved Natural Balancing(IEEE 2010)

55.  New On-Off ZCS Double Forward Converter(IEEE 2010)

56.  Latest Practical Developments of Triplex Series Load Resonant Frequency-Operated High Frequency Inverter for Induction-Heated Low Resistivity Metallic Appliances in Consumer Built-In Cooktops(IEEE 2010)

57.  Power Module Technology for Home Power Electronics(IEEE 2010)

58.  New Challenges to Power System Planning and Operation of Smart Grid Development in China(IEEE 2010)

59.  Analysis and Design of Three-Level, 24-Pulse Double Bridge Voltage Source Converter Based HVDC System for Active and Reactive Power Control(IEEE 2010)

60.  A High Efficiency Flyback Converter With New Active Clamp Technique(IEEE 2010)

61.  A Hybrid Switching Scheme for LLC Series-Resonant Half-Bridge DC-DC Converter in a Wide Load Range(IEEE 2010)

62.  A New Direct Peak DC-link Voltage Control Strategy of Z-source Inverters(IEEE 2010)

63.  A Novel Switching Signals Generation Method for Hybrid Multilevel Inverters(IEEE 2010)

64.  A ZCS Full-Bridge Converter Without Voltage Overstress on the Switches(IEEE 2010)

65.  An improved control method for inductive load of Z-source inverter(IEEE 2010)

66.  An Integrated Four-Port DC/DC Converter for Renewable Energy Applications(IEEE 2010)

67.  Embedded control z-source inverter fed induction motor(IEEE 2010)

68.  Flying-Capacitor-Based Chopper Circuit for DC Capacitor Voltage Balancing in Diode-Clamped Multilevel Inverter(IEEE 2010)

69.  1.5 kW Isolated Bi-directional DC-DC Converter with a Flyback Snubber(IEEE 2010)

70.  Modified Z-Source Single-Phase Inverter for Single-Phase PM Synchronous Motor Drives(IEEE 2010)

71.  Steady-State Stability Of Current Mode Active Clamp ZVS DC-DC Converters(IEEE 2010)

72.  Z – Source Inverter Based Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Drive(IEEE 2010)

73.  Zero-Voltage- and Zero-Current-Switching Full-Bridge Converter With Secondary Resonance(IEEE 2010)

74.  High-Efficiency Fuel Cell Power Conditioning System With Input Current Ripple Reduction (IEEE 2009)

75.  Switched-Capacitor/Switched-Inductor Structures for Getting Transformerless

76.  Hybrid DC–DC PWM Converters (IEEE 2008)

77.  Race-Control Algorithm for the Full- Bridge PRCP Converter Using Cost- Effective FPGAs (IEEE2008)

78.  Multilevel Inverter Topologies for Stand- Alone PV Systems (IEEE2008)

79.  Current-Fed Resonant Full-Bridge Boost DC/AC/DC Converter (IEEE2008)

80.  An Adaptive Solar Photovoltaic Array Using Model-Based Reconfiguration Algorithm (IEEE2008)

81.  A Methodology for Optimizing Stand- Alone PV-System Size Using Parallel- Connected DC/DC Converters (IEEE2008)

82.  A Hybrid Control Algorithm for Voltage Regulation in DC–DC Boost Converter (IEEE2008)

83.  Performance Evaluation of Bridgeless PFC Boost Rectifiers (2008)

84.  Switching Flow-Graph Modeling Technique for Three-Phase Inverters (IEEE2008)

85.  Control Design of a Three-Phase Matrix-Converter -Based AC–AC Mobile Utility Power Supply (IEEE2008)

86.  Resistive Control for a Photovoltaic Battery Charging System Using a Microcontroller (IEEE2008)

87.  Hexagram Inverter for Medium-Voltage Six-Phase Variable-Speed Drives (IEEE2008)

88.  Buck–Boost-Type Unity Power Factor Rectifier with Extended Voltage Conversion Ratio (IEEE2008)

89.  Average-Value Modeling of Brushless DC Motors With 120 degree Voltage Source Inverter (IEEE2008)

90.  A Methodology for Optimizing S tand-Alone PV-System Size Using Parallel -Connected DC/DC Converters (IEEE 2008)

91.  An Adaptive Solar Photovoltaic Array Using Model-Based Reconfiguration Algorithm (IEEE 2oo8)

92.  Coupled Input-Series and Output-Parallel Dual Interleaved Flyback Converter for High Input Voltage Application JAN 2008

93.  Dual Interleaved Active-Clamp Forward With Automatic Charge Balance Regulation for High Input Voltage Application JAN2008

94.  Unity-Power-Factor Operation of Three-Phase AC–DC Soft Switched Converter Based On Boost Active Clamp Topology in Modular Approach JAN2008

95.  A Flexible Loss-Minimizing and Stress-Sharing Switch Cell for Power Converters JAN 2008

96.  New ZVS Phase Shift Modulated Full-Bridge Converter Topologies With Adaptive Energy Storage for SOFC Application JAN 2008

97.  A FPGA-Based Generalized Pulse Width Modulator for Three-Leg Center-Split and Four-Leg Voltage Source Inverters May 2008

98.  A Minimally Switched Control Algorithm for Three-Phase Four-Leg VSI Topology to Compensate Unbalanced and Nonlinear Load July 2008

99.  A New Design Method for High-Power High-Efficiency Switched-Capacitor DC–DC Converters Mar 2008

100.       A Novel Zero-Voltage-Switching PWM Full Bridge Converter Mar 2008

101.       A ZVS Bidirectional DC–DC Converter With Phase-Shift Plus PWM Control Scheme Mar 2008

102.       Average Current-Mode Control Scheme for a Quadratic Buck Converter With a Single Switch Jan 2008

103.       Current-Fed Parallel-Resonant DC–AC Inverter for Cold- Cathode Fluorescent Lamps With Zero-Current Switching Jan2008

104.       Interleaving Controlled Three-Leg Electronic Ballast for Dual-HID-Lamps Jan2008

105.       Natural Current Balancing of Multi cell Current Source Converters May 2008

106.       Reduced Switch Count Multiple Three-Phase AC Machine Drive Systems MARCH 2008

107.       Three-Phase Three Level, Soft Switched, Phase Shifted PWM DC–DC Converter for High Power Applications May 2008

108.       Vo5. Radial Network Reconfiguration Using Genetic Algorithm Based on the Matroid Theory (IEEE2008)

109.       ltage Multiplier Cells Applied to Non-Isolated DC–DC Converters March 2008

110.       Load Shedding Strategies Using Optimal Load Flow with Relaxation of Restrictions (IEEE2008)

111.       Optimal Planning of Radial Distribution Networks by Simu lated Annealing Technique (IEEE2008)

112.       GENCO's Risk-Based Maintenance Outage Scheduling IEEE2008)

113.       A single-stage AC/DC converter based on zero voltage switching LLC resonant topology April 2007

114.       Analysis and implementation of soft switching converter with series -connected transformers April 2007

115.       Dual-mode-control multiphase DC/DC converter April 2007

116.       Efficient LED back-light power supply for liquid-crystal-display April 2007

117.       Electronic ballast for multiple fluorescent lamp systems Jan 2007

118.       Three-phase soft-switched PWM inverter for motordrive application Jan 2007

119.       Three-phase three-level voltage source inverter with low switching frequency based on thetwo-level inverter topology Jan 2007

120.       Zero voltage switching active clamp buckboost stage Cuk converter Jan 2007

121.       Zero-voltage-switching DC/AC inverter Jan 2007

122.       Design optimisation of a 1 MHz half-bridge CLL resonant converter July 2007

123.       Family of zero current zero voltage transition PWM converters May 2007

124.       Analysis and design of a single-phase hybrid mode power factor correction converter Aug2007

125.       Analysis, design and implementation of an active snubber zero-voltage switching Cuk converter Sep 2007

126.       A Hybrid On-line Slow Voltage Control Scheme for Large Power Systems (IEEE2007)

127.       A Multi-Agent Solution to Distribution Systems Restoration (IEEE2007)

128.       An AIS-ACO Hybrid Approach for Multi- Objective Distribution System Reconfiguration (IEEE2007)

129.       Cost of Reliability Analysis Based on Stochastic Unit Commitment (IEEE2007)

130.       Dynamic Ramping in Unit Commitment (IEEE2007)

131.       Fault Location for the NEPTUNE Power System (IEEE2007)

132.       Load Shedding a New Proposal (IEEE2007)

133.       Modeling of VSC-Based HVDC Systems for a Newton-Raphson OPF Algorithm (IEEE2007)

134.       Design and Implementation of an Accurately Regulated Multiple Output ZVS DC–DC Converter (IEEE 2007)

135.       A New Digital Control Algorithm to Achieve Optimal Dynamic Performance in DC-to-DC Converters (IEEE 2007)

136.       A Simple Analog Controller for Single-Phase Half-Bridge Rectifier (IEEE 2007)

137.       A Simple Single-Sensor MPPT Solution (IEEE 2007)

138.       A Single-Phase Boost Rectifier System for Wide Range of Load Variations (IEEE 2007)

139.       Adaptive Neuro-Wavelet Control for Switching Power Supplies (IEEE 2007)

140.       An Analysis of the ZVS Two-Inductor Boost Converter under Variable Frequency Operation (IEEE 2007)

141.       Microcontroller Power Mode Stabilized Power Factor Correction Stage for High Intensity Discharge Lamp Electronic Ballast (IEEE 2007)

142.       Modulation-Based Harmonic Elimination (IEEE 2007)

143.       Multi-Input Inverter for Grid-Connected Hybrid PV/Wind Power System (IEEE 2007)

144.       Synchronous–Asynchronous Digital Voltage-Mode Control for DC–DC Converters (IEEE 2007)

145.       Three-Port Bidirectional Converter for Hybrid Fuel Cell Systems (IEEE 2007)

146.       Transformerless Inverter for Single-Phase Photovoltaic Systems (IEEE 2007)

147.       Z-Source Current-Type Inverters: Digital Modulation and Logic Implementation (IEEE 2007)

148.       Optimal Network Placement of SVC Devices (IEEE2007)

149.       Skeleton-Network Reconfiguration Based on Topological Char acteristics of Scale-Free Networks and Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization (IEEE2007)

150.       Power System Loading Margin Estimation Using a Neuro-Fuzzy Approach (IEEE2007)

151.       Stochastic Security-Constrained Unit Commitment (IEEE2007)

152.       Optimal Power Flow Subject to Security Constraints Solved With a Particle Swarm Optimizer (IEEE2007)

153.       An Efficient Algorithm for Solving BCOP and Implementation (IEEE2007)

154.       The Formulation of the Optimal Strategies for the Electricity Producers Based on the Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm (IEEE2007)

155.       Voltage and Reactive Power Estimation for Contingency Analysis Using Sensitivities (IEEE2007)

156.       FACTS Control Devices (Statcom, SSSC and UPFC) Re-Configuration Techniques by PSIM/MATLAB (IEEE2007)

157.       Unity Power Factor Control for Three- Phase Three-Level Rectifiers without Current Sensors (2007)

158.       A New Adjustable-Speed Drives (ASD) System Based on High-Performance Zsource Inverter (IEEE2007)

159.       A Novel Four-Level Voltage Source Inverter —Influence of Switching Strategies on the Distribution of Power Losses (IEEE2007)

160.       A Novel PM BLDC Motors Inverter Topology for Extending Constant Power Region (IEEE2007)

161.       Application of Z-Source Inverter for Traction Drive of Fuel Cell—Battery Hybrid Electric Vehicles 165. (IEEE2007)

162.       Inductorless DC-AC Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Boost Inverter for Electric/Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications (IEEE2007)

163.       A New Digital Control Algorithm to Achieve Optimal Dynamic Performance in DC-to-DC Converters (IEEE2007)

164.       A Simple Analog Controller for Single-Phase Half-Bridge Rectifier (IEEE2007)

165.       A Simple Single-Sensor MPPT Solution (IEEE2007)

166.       A Single-Phase Boost Rectifier System for Wide Range of Load Variations (IEEE2007)

167.       Adaptive Neuro -Wavelet Control for Switching Power Supplies (IEEE2007)

168.       Multi-Input Inverter for Grid-Connected Hybrid PV/Wind Power System(IEEE2007)

169.       Dual-Mode Time-Sharing Cascaded Sinusoidal Inverter (IEEE2007)

170.       Three-Port Bidirectional Converter for Hybrid Fuel Cell Systems (IEEE2007)

171.       Z -Source Current-Type Inverters: Digital Modulation and Logic Implementation (IEEE2007)

172.       Distributed Control of hybrid inverter for electric motor drives (IEEE2007)

173.       Design of soft switched 6-KW Battery Charger for Traction ap plication (IEEE2007)

174.       Three Level Z source inverters using single LC network (IEEE2007)

175.       A Novel PWM Technique in Digital Control (IEEE2007)

176.       A New Switching Strategy for Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Power Converters (IEEE2007)

177.       A novel Soft-Switching two-stage step-up DC/DC converter(IEEE 2007)

178.       A Maximum Loading Margin Method for Static Voltage Stability in Power Systems(IEEE 2006)

179.       Fast Computation of Voltage Stability SecurityMargins Using Nonlinear Programming Techniques(IEEE 2006)


181.       1KW Dual Interleaved Boost Converter for Low Voltage Applications (IEEE2006)

182.       42-V/3-V Watkins–Johnson Converter for Automotive Use (IEEE2006)

183.       The Delta-Rectifier: Analysis, Control and Operation (IEEE2006)

184.       Modeling and Control of a Novel Six-Leg Three-Phase High-Power Converter for Low Voltage Fuel Cell Applications. (IEEE2006)

185.       A Bidirectional DC–DC Converter for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Driving System (IEEE2006)

186.       Field Verification of an Advanced High Side Voltage Control at a Hydro Power Station (IEEE2006)


188.       Optimal Placement of Line Switches for Distribution Automation Systems Using Immune Algorithm (IEEE2006)

189.       A new simplified multi level inverter topology for dc to ac con version (IEEE2006)

190.       A modified asymmetrical pulse width modulated resonant dc/dc converter topology (IEEE2006)

191.       Low Cost High Efficiency DC- DC converter for fuel cell powered auxiliary power Unit of a Heavy Vehicle (IEEE2006)

192.       Online Diagnosis of induction motor using MCSA (IEEE2006)

193.       WACS—Wide-Area Stability and Voltage Control System: R&D and Online Demonstration (IEEE2005)

194.       Secondary Voltage Intelligent Control Method and Implement Based on Fuzzy Expert System (IEEE2005)

195.       Optimal Coordination For Multi-Agent Based Secondary Voltage Control In Power System (IEEE2005)

196.       Design and Control of an LCL-Filter- Based Three-Phase Active Rectifier (IEEE2005)

197.       Linear Temporal Logic Control of Power Systems (IEEE2005)

198.       Sliding Mode controlled DC to DC converter (IEEE2005)

199.       Design and Analysis of Boost DC to AC converter (IEEE2005)

200.       Sliding Mode Voltage Controlled DC to DC Converter (IEEE2005)

201.       Design and Analysis of Boost DC to AC converter (IEEE2005)

202.       Static VAR compensator-based voltage control implementation of single-phase self-excited induction generator (IEEE2005)

203.       A simple passive Loss Less Snubber for multi level inverter (IEEE2005)

204.       Hybrid Full-Bridge Three-Level LLC Resonant Converter — A Novel DC-DC Converter Suitable for Fuel Cell Power System(IEEE 2005)

205.       Intelligent SVC Control for Transient Stability Enhancement (IEEE2005)

206.       Development of an Equivalent Circuit Model of a Fuel Cell to Evaluate the Effects of Inverter Ripple Current (IEEE 2004)

207.       An Electrochemical-Based Fuel-Cell Model Suitable for Electrical Engineering Automation Approach (IEEE 2004)

208.       Low Cost Fuel Cell Converter System for Residential Power Generation (IEEE 2004)

209.       Power System stabilizer using Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) (IEEE2004)

210.       Fault Identification in transmission line using WAVELET TRANS FORM (IEEE2004)

211.       Power System Stabilizer using Fuzzy Logic System (IEEE2004)

212.       Optimal Common-Mode Voltage Reduction PWM Technique for Induction Motor

213.       Drives with Considering the Dead-Time Effects for Inverter Control (IEEE 2003)

214.       Design and implementation of PLCbased monitoring control system for induction motor (IEEE2003)

215.       Multilevel Converters for Large Electric Drives (IEEE 1998)

216.       Multilevel Converters-A New Breed of Power Converters (IEEE 1996)

217.       Performance Analysis of Cascaded Z-Source Multilevel Inverter using Third Harmonic Injection PWM

218.       A Fuel Cell Based Domestic Uninterruptible Power Supply

219.       Implementation of a Single-Stage Quasi Z-Source AC-DC Power Factor Correction Converter

220.       Implementation of a Single-Stage Quasi Z-Source AC-DC Power Factor Correction Converter

221.       Single-Stage Quasi Z-Source Flyback Power Factor Correction Converter

222.       Small Signal Analysis of Current Mode Active-Clamp ZVS DC-DC Converters

223.       A Novel High-Efficiency Battery Charger With a Buck Zero-Voltage-Switching Resonant Converter

224.       Analysis of a Soft Switching PWM Active Clamp Cuk Converter

225.       Buck–Boost-Type Unity Power Factor Rectifier With Extended Voltage Conversion Ratio

226.       Current-Fed Resonant Full-Bridge Boost DC/AC/DC Converter

227.       DC–AC Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Boost Inverter With No Inductors for Electric/Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications

228.       A Novel Soft-Switched Synchronous Buck Converter

229.       Fault Detection and Protection of Induction Motors Using Sensors

230.       Inductorless DC-AC Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Boost Inverter for Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Applications

231.       A New Simplified Multilevel Inverter Topology for DC–AC Conversion

232.       PI with Instantaneous Power Theory Based Shunt APLC for Power Quality

233.       Quasi-Z-Source Inverter for Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems

234.       A Novel Single-Stage Full-Bridge Buck-Boost Inverter

235.       Very High Frequency Resonant Boost Converters

236.       multilevel current source inverter

237.       fault detection of three phase induction motor

238.       transformerless inverter for single phase PV system

239.       three phase Z-source inverter using LC circuit

240.       modulation based harmonic elimination

241.       Quasi Z-source inverter for PV power generation

242.       Location of FACTS devices on power system for voltage control

243.       Analysis and design of single phase PV system

244.       PWM based 3 phase induction motor control with RF controller

245.       Five switch multilevel inverter

246.       Induction motor control using SCADA

247.       V/F based speed control of induction motor using TMS320F2812

248.       Coupled Input-Series and Output-Parallel Dual Interleaved Flyback Converter forHigh Input Voltage Application

249.       Design and Implementation of IGBT PWM inverter for three phase AC drives using TMS320F2812.

250.       Digital Control Technique (TMS320F2812) for single phase to three phase converter for industrial application.

251.       Speed control of PMBLDC motor using TMS320F2812.

252.       Design and implementation of Digital Energy Meter with one touch billing technology.

253.       Speed control of three phase induction motor with ad vanced thermal protection.

254.       Motor current signature analysis using PIC microcontroller.

255.       State Load Dispatch Center (SLDC) Automation with fault indication.