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         A digital fingerprint is a unique pattern that identifies content. A fingerprint is derived or computed from selected inherent properties of the content. For example, the fingerprints of audio and video content can be derived from salient features extracted from frequencies, timing, color, and luminosity. As with a human fingerprint, the fingerprint of unidentified content must be compared to a database of known fingerprints to identify the original content. Digital fingerprinting analyses the unique features of an audio or video asset and compares them against 'reference' fingerprints stored in a database. One of the key characteristics of fingerprinting is that it does not modify the content. Similar to a human fingerprint that uniquely identifies a human being, a digital fingerprint uniquely identifies a piece of video/audio content. The analogy can be extended to the process of fingerprint matching: first, known fingerprints ('reference' fingerprints) must be stored in a database; then, a 'candidate's' fingerprint is queried against the fingerprint database for a match. Sometimes fingerprinting technology is referred to as robust video hashing.

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