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         FRAM (Ferroelectric Random access memory) is a type of non-volatile memory. It is non-volatile in nature like ROM, however provides the read and writes speeds of RAM. It is the required ideal universal memory. F-RAM combines the best of RAM and ROM into a single package that outperforms other non-volatile memories with remarkably fast read-write speeds, high endurance and ultra-low power consumption.

         Ferroelectric memory exhibit short programming time, low power consumption and non-volatile memory, making highly suitable for application like contact-less smart card, digital cameras and other devices which demand many memory write operations. The major advantages of FRAM over other memory technologies include speed of operation, endurance, power-consumption, security and radiation tolerance. FRAM can be read and written for nearly 100 trillion times! Flash memory permits only 100K times. It is impervious to external magnetic fields and provides a very high level of data security.


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