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         Laser is a form of light. However, it hasi special properties, not present in ordinary light. It is said that a mind with concentration can accomplish anything in this world. Concentration means coherence in thoughts, that is, alike thoughts focused towards a single object. Thus coherence increases the power manifold. It is the same with light.

         Coherence is of two types. Spatial coherence, that is, all rays emanating from a source traveling in the same direction. Temporal coherence is all the rays emanating from a source, which are of the same wavelength or colour.

          The light that we receive from that we receive from the sun, stars, bulb or tube light are incoherent in nature as rays emanating from these source travel in directions, & are a combination of almost all colours. When the light becomes coherent in nature, then the beam of such a light travels in one direction, is of a single colour and has very high power density. Such light can travel very long distances, and drilling due to high power density. This magnificent property of coherence is present in the invention of the 20lh century-laser.

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