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         Solid State Drives (SSD) are designed on the basis of semiconductor memory. This external memory device’s distinctive features are the access time which is a hundred times less than the standard Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and the high speed for writing and reading of the information.

          Solid State Drives have two variants: SATA and IDE. The Solid State Disks give significant performance gain over the conventional hard disk drives. Although they are highly priced they are very compact and consume less power. They are embedded in systems  which have strict requirements for the reliability of the information being stored and for the access time.

         They boot Operating systems  faster and launch applications faster than the hard disks. The Solid State Drives are widely used in notebooks since they consume lesser power as they don’t have any rotating mechanical parts. Due to their rugged structure, they are widely used in harsh environments such as military and aerospace.


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